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Want cool games for kids? Some that are fun, some that are challenging, and even some that are educational? Get smart, have fun, and stay cool with free games downloads for kids from World of Free Games.
Free Word Games-Hillbilly Hangman

Free Casual Games

Keep it casual with these free relaxing PC games. Melt the stress away with free puzzle, arcade, action, word games, and more!


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Free Kids Games-Tux Typing 2

Tux Typing 2.0

Learn how to type with help from an adorable penguin. Improve your typing skills as you try to earn tasty treats for your black and white friend.


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Free Arcade & More Game Pack

Play arcade games, puzzle games, action games and many more. Fully loaded with all your favorite casual games, for free!


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Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe is a favorite pastime game for many. In each game, you and the computer will take turns and you win by marking three consecutive circles.


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Free Casual Kids Games

Do jigsaw puzzles, spot the differences between two pictures, drive a all the cool games kids love with Free Casual Kids Games.


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